MARIA OLIVARES (2008) opera in one act for soli, choir and orchestra

[libretto by Monica Sanfilippo]

(duration 80 minutes about)


Maria Olivares, mezzosoprano

Teresa Olivares, soprano

Michele Falcone, tenore

Pietro Monaco, baritono

Salvatore De Marco, basso


Brigands and jailers, mixed choir



1. Preludio

2. Prologo  (Maria and choir)

3. Intermezzo

4. Quadro I - Scene I  (Teresa and Pietro)

5. Quadro I - Scene II  (Maria, Teresa and Pietro)

6. Interludio

7. Tarantella  (choir)

8. Quadro II - Scene I  (Maria, Pietro and Salvatore)

9. Quadro II - Scene II  (Maria and Michele)

10. Interludio

11. Quadro III - Scene I  (Maria, Pietro and choir)

12. Quadro III - Scene II (Maria and choir)

13. Intermezzo

14. Quadro IV - Scene I  (Maria, Michele and choir)

15. Quadro IV - Scene II  (Maria and Michele)




First perfomance: Cosenza (Italy) - 'Alfonso Rendano' Theatre - November 2009





Quadro IV  -  Scena I



Quadro IV  -  Scena II



Stefania Scolastici, mezzo-soprano

Francesco Zingariello, tenore
Alfonso Rendano Choir (cond. by P. Menchise)
Philharmonia Mediterranea Orchestra
conducted by Daniele Agiman
Preview in concert form
'Alfonso Rendano' Opera Theater - Cosenza (Italy)
Live: November 22, 2009




(dur. about 16 minutes)

Symphonic Suite from the opera in one act 'Maria Olivares':

Interludio n. 1 "Perché non torna la dolce infanzia..."  (from Quadro I)

Interludio n. 2 "Vita da briganti"  (from Quadro II)

Interludio n. 3 "Cuore di terra aspra (Maria's theme)"  (from Quadro III)

Interludio n. 4 "La sentenza"  (from Quadro IV)

Performed by the Orchestra 'La Grecìa' della Provincia di Catanzaro conducted by Vito Cristofaro (Palmi - Italy).


INTERLUDIO n.1 «Perché non torna la dolce infanzia...»

(from Quadro I)

Andante Cantabile

This piece is derived from the Interludio that connects the Quadro I in the Quadro II of the opera Maria Olivares, and it develops the theme of the Teresa's Aria "Perché non torna la dolce infanzia..." (Quadro I, Scene I). Teresa, soprano, is the sister of Maria.


INTERLUDIO n.2 «Vita da briganti»

(from Quadro II)

Con moto

The piece corresponds to the Interludio that in the opera Maria Olivares connects the Quadro II in the Quadro III. It begins with the theme of the duet between Maria and Michele (Quadro II, Scene II), and concludes with the theme of Quadro III, Scene I (duet between Maria and Pietro, before the killing of Pietro).


INTERLUDIO n.3 «Cuore di terra aspra»

(theme of Maria - Quadro III)

Andante molto espressivo

This piece combines the theme of Maria, who appears several times in the opera, and the theme of the Maria's Aria "Cuore di terra aspra", that the protagonist sings in Quadro III, Scene II, and which is taken up by the orchestra in the Interludio linking the Quadro III to the IV.


INTERLUDIO n.4 «La sentenza»

(from Quadro IV)


The piece is derived from the Quadro IV, Scene I, of the opera Maria Olivares. In the dark atmosphere of the Process, and an increase in tension and anxiety, are read the charges first, and then pronounced the sentence of death. The interlude ends with the final episode of the opera, in which Maria quietly accepts her inevitable fate, and going to her death. 





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