ALDEBARAN (2011-2012) for vibraphone and harp

(dur. 7 minutes)

Dedicated to the VibraHarp Duo formed by Fabrizio D'Antonio and Maria Chiara Fiorucci, and published on the CD Resonances (2014).






TWO FOR TWO (2002) for marimba and vibraphone (4 players)   Buy the E-book on

(dur. 8 minutes)

Performed by Tetraktis-percussioni (Catanzaro - Italy).





GIOCO A DUE (2000, new version 2014) for clarinet and vibraphone   Open the score in PDF format

(dur. 8 minutes)

Performed by the Heins Duo formed by Angelo Litrico and Enrico Grassi Bertazzi (Catania - Italy).





GIOCO A DUE (2015) for alto saxophone and vibraphone      New

(dur. 8 minutes)

Performed by the Duo Dubois formed by Alberto Cavallaro and Federico Tramontana (Lamezia Terme - Italy).




NENIA and INTRECCI (2006) for flute - clarinet (or two clarinets) and percussion

(dur. 1 minute + 1 minute)

Nenia was performed by the Ensemble Antidogma in Memorie Scolorite International 2006 (Saluzzo - Italy) and by the New York Miniaturist Ensemble (New York - USA).







FTES (2006) transcription for percussion ensemble (4 players)

from Claude Debussy's Nocturnes for orchestra





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