AULINAS (2005-2012) for symphonic band    Instruments

Difficulty: C

(duration 12 minutes)

Performed by the Orchestra di Fiati del Conservatorio di Reggio Calabria conducted by Giuseppe Currao.






NEXUS (2005) for wind orchestra    Instruments   Open the score in PDF format

Difficulty: B

(duration 7 minutes)

Performed in 2009 by the Orchestre d'Harmonie Sirocco conducted by Albert Garrel (Sainte Radegonde des Pommiers - France), and in 2015 by the Orchestra Giovanile di fiati 'Paolo Ragone' conducted by Maurizio Manag˛ (Laureana - Italy).





PASSACAGLIA (2002-2004) for symphonic band    Instruments

Difficulty: C

(duration 7 minutes)

Performed by Orchestra di Fiati della Calabria conducted by Bruno Zema.

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